Changing Lives, Transforming Communities

There are three principles that CAFI is committed to follow before undertaking a Project

Mission and Social Integration

1We are concerned about both the financial and spiritual health of individuals, families and communities in India. That is why we are involved in a number of important projects aimed at uplifting both the spiritual and financial situation of buy college essays online the poor and persecuted people of India. In order to effectively achieve this, our mission is divided into two sections – mission and social.

Long-Term and Self Sufficiency

2The nature of the projects we undertake are essentially long term. Almost all of our projects in both the mission and social department are aimed at building a platform whereby individuals, families and church communities can one day rely on themselves for financial and spiritual need.


3Most importantly, CAFI’s projects are motivated by its vision. Our strategies and plans are ultimately based on custom term paper writing and inspired by our vision to bridge the gap between the rich and poor (both financially and spiritually) through Christ-inspired, biblical and creative ideas and methods.