Christian Action for India (CAFI) is a UK registered, non-profit Christian charity and mission organisation formed in 2010. Our Primary Objective is to financially and spiritually support and serve the poor and persecuted individuals and communities in the nation of India. Our inspiration is Jesus Christ and our aim is to provide a tangible demonstration of his love through charity and compassion.

CAFI is involved in a variety of projects in order to meet the dire needs of the poor and persecuted communities we serve in India. Partnering with a number of local mission organisations, charities and churches to distribute aid, CAFI has close connections with the local communities it is attempting to help.

We also give importance to Prayer and believe that intercessory prayer is vital and powerful. As a result, we are involved in looking after the spiritual needs of local communities in India. As well as poverty and persecution, Christians in India face problems that cant be simply met by material aid. Prayer is one of the most important ways we meet that need.